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Areca Palm (کین پام یا گولڈن پام)

  • Scientific Name: Dypsis Lutescens
  • Common Name: Areca Palm, Bamboo Palm, Butterfly Palm, Cane Palm, Golden Butterfly Palm, Golden Feather Palm, Yellow Palm.
  • Description: The areca palm tree has a very fine-textured look, with leaves held upright so they “float” above the plant. The narrow leaflets are arranged along the leaf stems in a distinct V-shape. The kentia palm tree has a more coarse appearance. The feathery leaves flow downward in a weeping fashion.
  • Uses: Clean air and non-toxic for pets: clean air borne toxins for us to breath in healthier oxygen.
Attribute Information
Seasons Evergreen
Soil Requirement Areca palms prefer soil that is porous, loose, and contains peat moss or sand.
Environment Areca palms do best in bright, indirect light but will tolerate a bit of shade.
Watering Maintain moist soil. Water when top 1-2 inches of soil is dry.



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