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Banana (کیلا)

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  • Scientific Name: Musa Balbisiana
  • Common Name: Banana, Kela
  • Description:  It is a perennial plant that reaches a height of around 6 m, with pseudo stems of up to 30 cm in base diameter. The leaves are upright and in clumps. The flowers are red to maroon.
  • Uses: Some of the most popular fruits in the world.  Various parts of the plant can be used for the treatment of various diseases including diabetic, diarrhea, scabies and inflammations.
Attribute Information
Blooming Time April-May
Seasons Evergreen
Soil Requirement Light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils and prefers well-drained soil.
Environment Prefer warm humid temperatures for maximum growth. They grow fastest when the daytime highs are (27°C to 35°C). Growth will slow drastically below (14°C)
Watering Most plants like 1 inch of water a week during the growing season, but take care not to over water. Too much watering can damage an apple tree.



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