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Cross Vine

  • Scientific Name: Bignonia Capreolata 
  • Common Name: Trumpet Flower, Crossvine
  • Description: It is a climbing, woody vine reaching 30-50 ft. long with showy, orange-red, trumpet-shaped flowers of 2 inches and 1 1/2 inches across which hang in clusters of two to five. They are sometimes seen high on a tree, as the vine climbs by means of tendrils. It is said that the plant received its name “crossvine” from the design of the cut cross -section of the stems.
  • Uses: They used the bark, leaves and roots to treat ailments including diphtheria, edema and headaches.  
Attribute Information
Seasons Summer
Blooming Time Spring
Soil Requirement It thrives in a variety of soils and generally prefers moist, well-drained soil that is near neutral pH (6.8 to 7.2).
Envoirnment Although found in the shade in a native setting, crossvine grows best in full sun. While it certainly can tolerate partial shade, it will produce fewer flowers.
Watering Require virtually no water, although they should be watered during prolonged dry spells or if the soil dries out completely in the top 3 inches, providing roughly 1 inch of water at each watering.



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