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English Ivy Variegated


  • Scientific Name: Hedera helix
  • Common Name: Hedera, English ivy
  • Description: A fast growing broadleaf evergreen vine with very colorful variegated leaves serves as highly ornamental vine or groundcover. Attaches itself to walls, tree trunks, fences, trellises or other structures
  • Uses: Ivy is mainly used as a landscaping plant in the garden. As a houseplant, it may help to purify the air. When ingested, some research suggests that it may provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. In addition, it appears to be useful in reducing cough related to colds and viral infections. This might improve lung function in people with breathing difficulty due to swelling and blockage of airway passages. English ivy might also have antioxidant effects.
Attribute Information
Seasons All Season
Soil Requirement This evergreen vine should be grown in well-drained soil. Although it can grow in wide range of soil types but it does best in average loams. A thick layer of mulch helps keep the soil moist in dry climates. Indoors, ivy does best in potting mix that is loose and well-drained
Environment English Ivy plants grow best in temperatures between 20 and 33 degrees Celsius. Their leaves will stay dark green when grown in steady temperatures and medium to high humidity. It does not like cold winter wind or high summer heat.
Watering English Ivy loves moisture, but doesn’t like to sit in a puddle of water. Check the soil for moisture content before adding more water. Use your finger to test the top inch of soil; if the top inch is dry, the ivy is in need of water


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