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Eve’s Needle (ایوی نیڈل)


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  • Scientific Name: Austrocylindropuntia Subulata
  • Common Name: Eve’s pin, Eve’s Needle Cactus
  • Description: Eve’s needle cactus is a branching shrub that grows up to 3 m tall. Plants often grow in patches many metres wide. Cacti pads have bumps on the surface called areoles. Spines, bristles, leaves, flowers, fruit, roots and new shoots all grow out of the areoles.
  • Uses: This drought-tolerant plant is a good choice for seaside gardens, rock gardens, desert gardens, and xeriscaping in areas having a consistently warm climate. Otherwise, it is great for container gardening or as a houseplant in any climate.
Attribute Information
Seasons Evergreen
Soil Requirement  It requires well draining soil.
Envoirnment It is hardy from 25-30°C. If it is damaged by winter frost, cut frozen areas to live wood and it will recover in the spring and summer months. The Eve’s needle needs full sun to light shade.
Watering Eve’s Needle Cactus needs 0.8 cups of water every 12 days when it doesn’t get direct sunlight.



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