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Fish tail Palm (فش ٹیل پام)

  • Scientific Name: Caryota Mitis
  • Common Name: Wine Palm, Fishtail Palm
  • Description: Leaves large, long-stalked, arching and divided into leaflets which are widest above the middle and irregularly toothed at apex.
  • Uses: Used in shrub borders and outdoor container plantings.  It does well in indoor containers. The leaves can also be used as floral decorations.
Attribute Information
Seasons Evergreen
Soil Requirement Use a peat-based soil mix containing materials like coir, perlite and pine bark to improve drainage
Environment Warmth and cannot tolerate temperatures below 13°C.  grow best in full sunlight filtered through a translucent blind or curtain.
Watering Water thoroughly then allow soil to dry slightly between watering. It is more tolerant of drier soil than wet. Water less in winter when growth has slowed



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