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Ivy Leaf (سدا بہار آئیوی بیل)

  • Scientific Name: Hedera Helix
  • Common Name: Common ivy, English ivy, European ivy, or just ivy
  • Description: ivy is evergreen woody vine (rarely shrubs) which have several species cultivated as climbing ornamentals. The stems bear simple leaves which have Dark green and glossy with pale veins. Leaves of juvenile forms have 3-5 lobes and a pale underside. As the stems reach the top of their support, they become horizontal or hang. It sometimes develops unlobed (entire) leaves and small greenish flowers.
  • Uses: Weed suppression in plantings, beautifying unsightly facades and providing additional green by growing on tree trunks. However, ivy can be problematic.
Attribute Information
Seasons Evergreen
Soil Requirement Grow this evergreen vine in well-drained soil. Although it will grow in poor soils and soils of a wide range of pH levels, it does best in average loams.
Envoirnment Grow in variable light conditions but prefers shade, damp soils, and a moist, cool environment.
Watering Just as humans get thirsty for water, ivy (Hedera spp.) requires regular watering to thrive.



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