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Java Plum (جامن)


  • Scientific Name: Syzygium Cumini
  • Common Name: Malabar Plum, Java Plum, Black Plum, Jaman, Jamun Or Jambolan.
  • Description: A medium-sized tropical and evergreen tree, about 10-30 m in height. The leaves are smooth, opposite, shiny, leathery and oval. The flowers are pink or nearly white. The fruits are oval, green to black when ripe, with dark purple flesh.
  • Uses: Jamun is a delicious low-calorie fruit that is loaded with vitamin C and minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and folic acid.
Attribute Information
Blooming Time Feb-March
Seasons Summer
Soil Requirement Black Java Plum trees enjoy a well drained, general potting mix easily found at your local box store. Remember try to stay away from arid or wet, mucky soils.
Environment Require full sun for best flowering and fruit production. Can be planted both in spring i.e. February -March and the monsoon season i.e. July-August.
Watering Jamun thrives well under waterlogged and salinity conditions. supplement water frequently throughout the year, drought-tolerant.



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