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Karonda (کروندا)


  • Scientific Name: Carissa Carandas
  • Common Name: Bengal Currant, Christ’s Thorn, Carandas Plum and Karanda.
  • Description: Karonda is a species of flowering shrub produces fruits are small berries, averaging 1 to 3 cm in length, and have an oval to ovoid shape with curved ends.
  • Uses: It is believed to benefit anemia patients, given that it is a rich source of iron. It has vitamin C as well, which helps with growth and repair of tissues. The fruit is known to keep the liver healthy, by stopping its excessive secretion of bile.
Attribute Information
Seasons Summer-Winter
Blooming Time March-May
Soil Requirement Karonda is grown successfully on a wide range of soil types, viz. sandy loams, laterite, alluvial sand, and calcareous soil even it is found growing well in in stony , rocky and less fertile soils.
Environment  It almost grow in different climatic conditions in various soil types.
Watering Water moderately during growth and keep only moist to the touch in winter. During the growing season, allow the soil to dry between watering.



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