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Lady Palm Variegated


  • Scientific Name: Rhapis excelsa
  • Common Name: Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm, Bait Palm
  • Description: Lady Palm is an evergreen fan palm that resembles a cycad. It is a small palm that grows in thick clumps of slender upright stems. it has large, hand-shape leaves with long, glossy, green and creamy or yellowish, finger-like leaflets. This palm has a fairly slow growth rate, gaining less than a foot in height per year.
  • Uses: As it can tolerate low-light conditions, it’s popular to grow indoors as a houseplant fit easily into a corner of a room near a bright window. It can remove airborne toxins within the home, including ammonia, formaldehyde and xylene and make the air cleaner and safer. They can be grown outdoor in landscapes as shrubs or as a screen.
Attribute Information
Seasons All Seasons
Soil Requirement A loamy soil that has good drainage is best for lady palms. When grown in pots, a potting mix made especially for palms works well. It will tolerate various types of soil like clay or sandy soil.
Environment It can grow in full sun Lady Palms can also handle frosts to -5 ºC. When growing indoor it thrives in typical room temperatures 15-26 ºC. Lady palms are moderately cold tolerant.
Watering Lady palm need regular water needs and are slightly tolerant of drought once established. During growing season water whenever the top inch of soil feels dry. In winter, reduce watering and water when top 2 inches of soil feel dry. Overwatering can lead to fungal issues or root rot.


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