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Ponytail Palm (پونی ٹیل پام)

  • Scientific Name:  Beaucarnea Recurvata
  • Common Name: Pony Tail Palm
  • Description: Distinctive looking houseplant with a swollen thick brown stem at its base that stores water. The long narrow curly, dark green leaves flow up from this base much like a plume of water in a fountain.
  • Uses:  They are ideal plants to use for rock gardens, an excellent choice for home or office. Used for making great indoor Bonsai.
Attribute Information
Seasons Evergreen
Soil Requirement A mix of one part potting soil, one part perlite, and one part sand for best results.
Environment Ponytail palms need bright light, so plan to grow plants in the sunniest room of the house, near the window but not directly in the sun.
Watering Need to be watered every one to two weeks, but can go as long as four weeks before needing a drink.



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