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Rangoon Creeper (جھمکا بیل)

  • Scientific Name: Combretum Indicum
  • Common Name: Rangoon Creeper, Red Jasmine.
  • Description: Rangoon creeper vine is a woody climbing liana with green to yellow-green lance shaped leaves. The stems have fine yellow hairs with occasional spines forming on the branches. Rangoon creeper blooms white at onset and gradually darkens to pink, then finally red as it reaches maturity.
  • Uses: Treats skin problems: Rangoon Creeper’s leaves are used for skin problems such as boils and ulcers in the form of juice
Attribute Information
Seasons Evergreen
Blooming Time May-September
Soil Requirement His creeper survives in a variety of soil conditions provided they are well draining and is pH adaptable
Envoirnment  Full sun: Outdoor area is a very comfortable space for this plant where direct sunlight fall on plant and also, a partial shade.
Watering Regular watering: As the plant grows in heat, it needs regular watering to bloom perfectly.



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