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Rose Vine (گلاب کی بیل)


  • Scientific Name: Rosa banksiae
  • Common Name: Gulab ki bail, Rose Vine
  • Description: Rose vine  is a Semi-evergreen vigorous climbing plant. The leaves are alternate and feather-formed, usually with oval leaflets that are sharply toothed. It may be trained to a pergola, arbor, fence or wall where it will climb and cover to 15-20′ or more.
  • Uses: In moderation, rose can be a great drink for your health. It’s better than white wine because it has more antioxidants like resveratrol.
Attribute Information
Seasons Evergreen
Blooming Time December-March
Soil Requirement Roses are quite adaptable to many types of soil, but they do their best in rich, fertile, loamy soil with good drainage.
Envoirnment Roses full direct sun as much as possible. However give shade in after noon in hot summer months. Some roses tolerate partial shade, one example is iceberg. Roses will grow in around 4 hours direct sun but will give less flowers.
Watering Most all rose types need full sun; they thrive in loamy, well-drained soil and prefer a consistent drink of water: about an inch a week.



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