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Sago palm (کنگھی پام)

  • Scientific Name: Cycas Revoluta
  • Common Name:  Kangi Palm
  • Description: It is a palm like woody plant distinguished by crowns of large pinnately compound leaves and by cones, which are typically borne at the end of the trunk in the centre of whorled branches. The stem has a large pith surrounded by a narrow zone of soft woody tissue.
  • Uses: One of the very unusual and popular ornamental plants. Fresh or dried leaves of sago are used in hindu’s religious ceremonies.
Attribute Information
Seasons Evergreen
Soil Requirement Sago palms are not very picky about their soil, as long as they have good drainage. A sandy soil that is rich in organic matter and slightly acidic to neutral soil pH is ideal. For container plants, a potting mix made for cactus or palms should be suitable.
Environment Royal palms can survive in partly shady conditions but thrive best in full sunlight, grows well in full sun or light shade. While it will grow in shade and perform quite well in part-shade.
Watering If your potted sago palm is outdoors then water it more frequently, but still allow the soil to dry out in between. If you bring your container indoors in winter winter, you should slow down watering considerably. Once every two to three weeks should be enough.


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