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  • Scientific Name: Dalbergia sissoo
  • Common Name: Sisu, Tahli or Tali, Sheesham, Shisham
  • Description: Sheesham, is a fast-growing, hardy, deciduous rosewood tree, It is a large, crooked tree with long, leathery leaves and whitish or pink flowers.
  • Uses: Sheesham trees are commercially cultivated for their wood. It is the most important timber tree in the country. The young leaves and branches of these shady trees are also used as fodder for the livestock. It consists of natural wood markings, visible as dark streaks. It contains interlocked grains, making it extremely tough and durable.
Attribute Information
Soil Requirement It can grow in wide variety of soils but the best Soil ranges from pure sand and gravel to rich alluvium of river banks.
Environment Need full sun with warm conditions. The temperature in its native range averages 10–40 °C.
Watering You need to deeply water these plants regularly as the plants require a lot of moisture to grow dense foliage, During their growth period, water them thoroughly until the topsoil goes dry.



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