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Thunbergia Vine (کلاک یا تھنبرگیا بیل)


  • Scientific Name: Thunbergia alata
  • Common Name: Bengal trumpet, blue skyflower, clockvine and skyvine.
  • Description: Thunbergia is a fast-growing, free-flowering vine. The plant is a rambler, climbing by twining (growing in a spiral up a support) rather than by clinging or producing tendrils as some other vines do. The opposite, oval to triangular or heart-shaped leaves grow up to 3 inches long on winged petioles.
  • Uses: May Relieve Depression And Improve Cognition. Enhances Dopamine In The Brain. May Help With Stimulant Addictions. May Help With Diabetes. Mitigates Effects of Toxins.
Attribute Information
Seasons Evergreen
Blooming Time July-October
Soil Requirement Prefers moderately rich soil, medium moisture, well-draining.
Envoirnment It tolerates partial shade but flowering may be reduced. Seed can be sown directly where the plants are to be grown once soil temperature reaches 60°F in the spring.
Watering The plants require regular and deep watering throughout the growing season. Soil should remain moist but not wet



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