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Palm Tree


Yucca palm (یو کا پام)

  • Scientific Name: Yucca Brevifolia
  • Common Name:  Joshua Tree
  • Description: There are many different kinds of Yucca Palms. However, they all have a few things in common. They generally have a central trunk and leaves that grow in bunches off the side. The bark of plant is usually mottled, produced from sawn-off yucca logs that have been rooted. Many of them have sharp, pointed leaves, so take care when you’re selecting one for your home. Yucca palms are fantastic installations to include inside or outside your home. Their full foliage is excellent for filling space, and they come in a variety of shades of green and variegation
  • Uses: One of the popular house plant. Yucca is used for osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, inflammation of the intestine.
Attribute Information
Seasons Evergreen
Soil Requirement Need highly fertile soil to thrive, a regular potting soil will do them just fine.
Environment  Thriving best in full sun, yucca also performs satisfactorily in part shade.
Watering An incredibly drought-tolerant plant and does not require much water. Water only when the top 50% of the soil is dry.



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