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French Marigold Seeds


Packets Capacity: 20 Seeds in 1 Packet

  • French marigolds are popular ornamental plants known for their easy cultivation worldwide.
  • They are edible and can be used to create natural dye.
  • Thrive in warm climates, blooming throughout the growing season until frost.
  • Very low-maintenance plant.
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  • Popular ornamental plants
  • Thrive in warm climates
  • Very low-maintenance plant
  • Blooms in vibrant shades like orange, yellow, and red, or combinations thereof
  • Grows to a height of 6-12 inches
  • Belongs to the Daisy family
  • Classified under the genus Tagetes
  • Flowers bloom in Spring, Summer, and Fall


  • Blooms in vibrant shades like orange, yellow, and red, or combinations thereof.
  • Foliage color can be blue or green.


  • Grows to a height of 6-12 inches.


  • Belongs to the Daisy family.


  • Classified under the genus Tagetes.

Blooming Season:

  • Flowers bloom in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

How to Propagate Seed:

Firstly, sow the seeds directly in the garden or soil pot at a distance of 5mm deep and 20-40 cm apart. Secondly, the soil should be kept moist but never wet or dry. The seeds will germinate between 4-10 days at a soil temperature of 25-20°c. The seedlings will need protection from pets, pests and weather until they are fully established.

How to Protect them from disease:

French marigold grows best in full sunlight, which helps the plant to develop dense bloom and lush foliage. When we plant them in a partial shade, they are more likely to get fungal disease attacks like powdery mildew.

When a marigold flower fades, then pick them off to focus the plant’s energy on making maximum flowers rather than making only seeds. If you want to collect seeds for the following spring at the end of the year, leave a few used-up blooms and allow them to fully ripen and dry.


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