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Panda Plant


  • Scientific Name: Kalanchoe Tomentosa
  • Common Name: White Lady, Donkey Ears, Chocolate Soldiers, Pussy Ears, Cat Ears And Plush Plant.
  • Description: The panda plant is a perennial succulent that can grow up to two feet tall in their natural environment. Their leaves are grey-green with chocolate-brown edges, and they’re covered in silver hairs called trichomes.
  • Uses: They are popular as ornamental plants. They can brighten a home in any climate, can help to purify the air, improve the humidity of your home, add fresh oxygen to your environment, improve your focus.
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Soil RequirementUse of cactus and succulent potting mix that has good drainage capabilities is highly recommended.
EnvironmentThe optimal temperatures are between 15°C and 23°C. They can tolerate temperatures that are slightly lower or higher, but won’t survive frost or excessive heat.
WateringYou should water the plant once every 5 to 6 days, though it can stay without water for up to one week.



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