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Croton Petra


  • Scientific Name:Codiaeum variegatum
  • Common Name:Croton
  • Description:The Croton plant is a bushy shrub that branches out and can grow up to 10 feet tall in the wild. However, the ones sold as houseplants are usually smaller. Leathery, thick leaves are 2 to 12 inches long and quite variable.
  • Uses:This plant is a common choice for indoor spaces because its variegated leaves add a unique visual appeal and a tropical vibe to any atrium or patio. It is also used to treat cancer, diabetes, and digestive problems.
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Soil RequirementIt prefers light, medium, heavy, and well-drained moist soil.
EnvironmentCroton leaves produce the best color in bright indirect sunlight, so they need bright indirect light when grown indoors. Outdoor, they thrive in partial shade and in cool climates. It can tolerate full sun if kept moist. As a house plant, it must be situated in a sunny window.
WateringWater crotons down to one and a half inches once per week.


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