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History Of Desi Calendar

The Indo-Pak subcontinent has the distinction of having one of the oldest calendars in the world. This ancient calendar dates back to 100 BC. The original name of this calendar is Bikrami Calendar, while it is also known as Punjabi Calendar, Desi Calendar, and Calendar.
The Bikrami calendar dates back to 100 BC, during the reign of Raja Bikram Ajit, a king of India at that time, this Bakrami year became known as Raja Bikram.
The nine months of this 365-day calendar have thirty (30) days, and one month of Vesakh has thirty-one (31) days, and two months of Jeth and Harh have thirty-two (32) days.
In this calendar, year starts from the month of “CHIT”.

Seasonal changes in weather conditions occur many time throughout the year. Whenever a slight change in weather conditions, there occur a seasonal variation.

There are 12 different seasonal months with different weather conditions that have a deep impact on plant’s life.

  • 1. Chet  (14 March-13 April)
  • 2. Vaisakhi  (14 April- 14 May)
  • 3. Jeth  (15 May-14 June)
  • 4. Harh  (15 June-15 July)
  • 5. Sawan  (16 July-15 August)
  • 6. Bhadon  (16 August-14 September)
  • 7. Assu  (15 September-14 October)
  • 8. Kattak  (15 October-13 November)
  • 9. Magghar  (14 November-13 December)
  • 10. Poh  (14 December-12 January)
  • 11. Magh  (13 January-11 February)
  • 12. Phagon  (12 February-13 March)

1. Chet  (14 March-13 April)

It is the first month of desi calendar. It is the time of regeneration, the icy grip of winter ends and natural growth starts. Most of the flowers and other plants grow in this month of chet. It coinside with spring season.

2. Vaisakhi  (14 April- 14 May)

It is the second month of desi calendar. This month is sign of start of summer season, when it starts day getting longer and hotter. Vaisakh is the month of harvest of crops, many trees gets shaddy.

3. Jeth  (15 May-14 June)

It is third and one of the hotter month of the year, have dry and hot weather. The plans which needs hot environment, Jeth is their month for their survival.

4. Harsh (15 June-15 July)

Harh month coincides with June/July, begins on June 15 and ends on July 15.  During this month in Punjab the season is summer and the climate is hot to very hot which is considered the hottest month of the year. Every season bring many colorful flowers and plants. In this season a lot of plants grow and add vibrance in your garden.

5. Sawan (16 July-15 August)

Shower of monsoon season mark the start of Sawan, it is also known as rainy season. The whole world feel relieved in this month with cool breeze and rain. This is the best time for plants to grow and for new plantation.

6. Bhadon (16 August-14 September)

This month occur during monsoon season. It is a good time for plants and vegetation, weather in this month is not cold nor hot. This time is good for seed germination and plants growth.

7. Assu (15 September-14 October)

This month occur in fall season, it mark the end of monsoon season. During this month nights are cool and days are moderate, many of the seasonal flowers blooms in this month. This month is good for plants to grow because the temperature in this month is reasonable and subsiding.

8. Katak (15 October-13 November)

This month coincides with October/November, in this month rains and hot temperature are subsiding and season is very pleasant.

9. Maghar (14 November-13 December)

In this month winter season starts and most of the deciduous plants go for their rest period. Weather in this month is very pleasant.

10. Poh (14 December-12 January)

This month coincides with December and January and 30 days long. This is also known as coldest month as snowfall occurs. Many plants brought indoor to save them from cold or froast. Plants needs very little water in this month.

11. Magh (13 January-11 February)

It is the eleventh month and in this month weather is cold, this month is a symbol of coming spring. Many plants break their rest period at last week of this month.

12. Phagon (12 February-13 March)

It is the last month of the year, season is spring and is the most favorite season of the year. It comes with colorful flowers, plants and charming landscape vegetation weather, weather is pleasant.

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