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Betal Leaf


  • Scientific Name: Piper betle
  • Common Name: Paan Patta Bail, Betal Vine
  • Description: The Betel leaf Plant is a herb that is a member of the pepper family. It is known for its shining green color and heart-shaped leaves. Light green to bright green leaves are glossy, deeply veined and hairless. They are heart-shaped with entire leaf margin. The petiole (leaf stalk) is reddish like the stem.
  • Uses: Used as anti-diabetic agent, lowers high cholesterol levels, anti-cancer agent, helps in wound healing, anti-microbial agent, helps overcome depression, improves oral health. Betel leaves may help in relieving headaches, fighting against cancer, healing wounds, may reduce gastric ulcers, diabetes, and allergies.
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Soil RequirementFor betel leaf to grow and thrive fast, it requires an acidic, sandy and lightly damp soil. If you are growing this herb in a container, betel leaf prefers a deep container than a wide one. Make sure that you make drainage holes in your pot to keep the soil well-drained and place the pot in a partially shady spot.
EnvironmentBetal leaf require filtered sunlight or partial shade and hate full sun or direct sunlight.
WateringTake care of watering the plant in a way where the soil remains slightly moist. Avoid overwatering and stagnant water around the plant as it will cause fungal diseases.


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